History of the KSAFA Jackie Bell KO 

Jackie Bell

“We have a duty to recognize Jackie Bell in football and as a result the Council of KSAFA has decided to name the competition in his honour- David 'Billy' Marston, President, KSAFA”
“ I was often reminded by Jackie Bell that Bell was spelt "BALL"-Lorna Bell, widow of Jackie Bell.”
Source: Gleaner ,Wednesday, September 23,1987.


JUNIOR KNOCK OUT FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS: The Tivoli gardens Football Team with manager Leroy Tyrell (left back row) after they won the KSAFA junior knock out championship recently.
From Tyrell in back row are Bovell Barnes assistant manager, Winston Smalling, Calvin Preston, Trevor Drummonds, Alvin Blake, Barrington Strawn, Carl Morrison, Mickey Jones captain and Desmond McKenzie Sport's Officer. Front row from left, P. Williams goal keeper, Ken Garcia, Lloyd McLarens, Delroy Cook, Seymore Daley, Hector Pinnock, Clifton Reid and Fitzroy Daley Absent from picture are Trevor Green, Winston Tulloch, Les Peddler Ernest Barrington.
(Photo: Provided by The Jamaica Gleaner Company)

The inaugural press launch of the Jackie Bell Memorial KO (so called at the time) was held on Monday, September 21,1987 at J Wray and Nephew. Patrick Gillings, brand manager, Red Label Wine chaired the occasion. Greetings were brought by newly elected JFF president, Tony James and Roy Howell on behalf of Santos football Club.

KSAFA president delivered his address and received the sponsorship cheque from J Wray and Nephew’s marketing manager, Tony Burrowes. League Director Dougal Campbell moved the vote of thanks.

The competition is named in honour of the memory of a great Jamaican sportsman Winthorp ’Jackie’ Bell who died in a bus crash along with fellow STGC alma-mater Dennis Ziadie at the World Cup finals of 1986 in Mexico. He was a former St George’ College Manning Cup player, national player, coach of Santos Football Club and president of the Club,

The Jackie Bell KO started in 1987 and is regarded as a family competition as it embraces all KSAFA affiliated clubs which participate in the JFF’s National Premier League (NPL) and all KSAFA run senior competitions-Syd Bartlett & Major League and more recently the Super League. It also serves as a qualifying competition for JFF knockout competition for the two best placed KSAFA clubs not in the current NPL competition.

Prior to the Jackie Bell Knockout, the KSAFA clubs used to compete for the President’s Cup and UMOJA Knockout the former being contested by the top four (4) clubs from the previous season and the latter involving all KSAFA affiliated clubs. These however, were played on an “on a and off basis” and the Jackie Bell Knockout has been the most consistent of the three (3) competitions over the past four decades.

The Jackie Bell KO has had four(4) title sponsors over its 19 years of existence to date. J Wray and Nephew under the brand name of Red Label Wine were the first corporate sponsor to come on board. They were followed by Neal & Massy (Ja.) Ltd through its subsidiary Tyre World Ltd (1995-1998), Jamaica National Building Society and more recently Grace Kennedy Remittance Services under the brand name of Western Union . There have been occasions 1989/1990-1991/92 when the Bell family sought private sponsorship of the competition to ensure its continuity as the competition was abandoned in 1988 following the sudden withdrawal of Wray and Nephew sponsorship. For the next three (3) years, the KSAFA itself had to sponsor the competition from funds generated from gate receipts at Jackie Bell KO matches in particular, the success of which underlines the view that it is KSAFA ‘s ‘flagship’ competition.

Constant Spring, 1987-1988 KSAFA Jackie Bell KO  Champion

The Danny Lyn coached Constant Spring won the 1987 inaugural competition. Due to withdrawal of the availability of the National Stadium occasioned by violence at a semifinal match, the competition was abandoned in the following year. Duhaney Park was the first non NPL Club to win the coveted title. The title has eluded Santos and Cavaliers as the only two KSAFA clubs to have won NPL tiles but not the Jackie Bell KO. Arnett Gardens FC and Waterhouse FC have registered the most wins of five and four respectively. Boys Town have registered only one hold on the title winning the 2005/06 Jackie Bell KO for the first time although ironically have won the senior Major League titles more than any of the existing 40 KSAFA affiliates.

Year Club/Team
1987/88 Constant Spring
1988/89 abandoned
1989/90 Arnett Gardens
1990/91 Duhaney Park
1991/92 Arnett Gardens
1992/93 JDF
1993/94 Tivoli Gardens
1994/95 Arnett Gardens
1995/96 Harbour View
1996/97 Waterhouse
1997/98 Waterhouse
1998/99 Arnett Gardens
1999/2000 Constant Spring
2000/01 Harbour View
2001/02 Waterhouse
2002/03 Waterhouse
2003/04 Tivoli Gardens
2004/05 Arnett Gardens
2005/06 Boy's Town.
2006/07 Harbour View FC