Twenty-seven representatives of KSAFA Clubs and Affiliates recently
received certificate of participation from the JFF for their involvement in a two day Administrative Upgrade
Course. The course was held on the campus of Jamaica College, Hope Road in St. Andrew on June 27 and 28, 2009.
It was sponsored by the JFF and facilitated by the KSAFA.

declaring the Course open the KSAFA President, Rudolph Speid thanked the JFF for providing the course and
encouraged the participants to use the occasion to sharpen their administrative skills. The KSAFA President opined
that in sharpening their skills the participants will be in a better position to improve the administrative area of
their organizations work.

Presenters at the Course were all from the JFF and included the 1ST
Vice President – Dale Spencer; Treasurer – Gary Sinclair, Chairman of the Technical Committee – Howard McIntosh,
Press Officer – Nodley Wright and Roy Simpson – Assistant Team Manager. The presenters were supported on both days
by Ms. Arlene Sinclair the JFF Marketing Manager; Janice Rose-Brown –JFF Dirctor of Operations,PR and Events; JFF
General Secretary Mr. Horace Reid made an appearance on the second day.

The two day ourse exposed participants to information in the
following areas, the Structure of Jamaica’s National Football Association, Club Ownership and Structure,
Statutes and Rules, Planning for Growth, Competitions, Player and Event Management, Financial Management,
Marketing and Communication. The course was delivered through a mixture of lecture and group presentations.

Gregory A. Simms, the KSAFA General Secretary, in delivering the vote
of thanks recorder his Council’s appreciation to the JFF for providing the course. The KSAFA General Secretary also
promised to make copies of the hand-out provided during the course available to all KSAFA Clubs and Affiliates.


Subject Areas


1. JFF Administrative Upgrade Course

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2. Competition Management

1 mb


3. Communication

3.8 mb

4. Event Management

1.5 mb
5. Financial Management

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6. Marketing Football Products

4.4 mb

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7. Organized Football Administration

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. Planning for Growth & Development

9. Player Management

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10. Statutes & Rules

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