President’s Address at Presentation of Awards Ceremony for ICWI/KSAFA 2015 Under 13 and Under 15

President’s Address at Presentation of
Awards Ceremony

for ICWI/KSAFA 2015 Under 13 and Under

at ICWI Head Office, 2St. Lucia Avenue,Kingston

on Thursday October 29, 2015 at 5:00 PM

1. Express appreciation to President Paul Lalor and the ICWI Group for support of KSAFA Competitions through their sponsorshipof $500,000.00, and Associate sponsors Corporate Jamaica $400,000.00 as well as Alliance Finance who contributed $165,000.00 towards the total budget for both competitions of $1,065,000.00. The contribution of our sponsors and Associate sponsors made the competitions for the 2015 season a reality.

2. Sponsorship support resulted from a promise made and a promise kept by the Lalors, including Chairman Dennis, President Paul and also the VP Marketing Mrs. Samantha Samuda and the ICWI family.

3. The Budgetsforboth competitions reflected a marginal increase of Sixty-Five Thousand Dollars over last season and total One Million and Sixty-Five Thousand Dollars ($1,065,000.00). The Budget for each competition is therefore Five Hundred and Thirty-Two Thousand and Five Hundred Dollars ($532,500.00). Each Budget made provision for five (5) basic areasof expenditure, namely: Prizes Monies - $90,000.00, Referees’ Fees - $250,000.00, Administrative Costs - $100,000.00, Trophies and Awards $22,500.00 and Match Balls for clubs -$70,000.00. For each competition the Thirty-Four (34) participating clubs received a Nike Match Ball, size four (4) for Under 13 and size five (5) for Under 15.

4. For the 2015/15 season, the structure of the competitions enabled the Under 13teams to play each Saturday and the Under 15 teams on Sundays. The Clubs in each competition wereassigned to four (4) geographical zones in order to minimize the costs for travel and transportation.In keeping with our commitment to maintain a festival theme and provide a family type atmosphere, up to four (4) matches per day in each zone at a venue in the Under 13 competition (kickoff at Seaview Gardens). However for the Under 15 competition, double headers were played in each zone at home venues.


Clubs will recall that the separation of the Under 13 and Under 15 teams on a Saturday and Sunday respectively, resulted from the fact that the Under 13 games are played on a smaller field, with a smaller goal, a size four (4) ball and over sixty (60) minutes, with thirty minute halves. While, the Under 15 games will be played on a regular sized field, with a size five (5) ball and over 80 minutes.

5. The Under 13 kicked off on Saturday July 18, 2015 at Seaview Gardens with four (4) matches and the Under 15 began on Sunday July 19, 2015at Bull Bay and Vauxhall with double headers involving former champions Harbour View FC. The Finals were played on Saturday September 19, 2015 at the Duhaney Park playing field.

6. Extend congratulations to the KSAFA team led by the General Secretary Wayne Shaw, Assistant General Secretary Dwayne Dillon, the Secretariat and Competitions Chairman Marc Williams and his committee. All played in good spirits, good sportsmanship and were incident free.

7. For the coming season, we look forward to ICWI’s continued support for our competitions and anticipate an increased budget for both competitions, with more benefits flowing to the clubs and players.

8. So Mr. Patrick Williams, we look forward to successful negotiations between our sponsorship team and yours, to provide a greater pie for KSAFA clubs for the coming season. Most importantly our sponsors and the general public will appreciate that during the entire summer months from mid-July to early September over 2200 youngsters between 10 and 15 years old were taken off the street of the corporate area, away from the traffic lights to harass motorists, away from the pier at the waterfront and were all engaged in participating in our ICWI Under 13 and 15 competitions. This was a deliberate strategy on the part of the KSAFA Council in our efforts to contribute to the social harmony and wellbeing of our young citizens in the corporate area.


In closing, express tremendous appreciation to the Lalors and the ICWI family for their generous contribution of $500,000.00 in sponsoring both the Under 13 and Under 15 competitions. Their contribution enabled many young players across the corporate area in being able to display their skills on the football field during the hot summer months. I am very excited about the talent which was displayed by these young players and it is not difficult to envision several of these players making it to a national team within the next ten (10) years and being able to realize

their fream of representing Jamaica in World Cup matches and seeking to qualify for future World Cup finals.

10. In closing, I extend congratulations to the winner of both the Under 13 and Under 15 competitions Cavalier Soccer Club and their respective Runners Up Arnett Gardens FC and to say to all the players in the thirty-four (34) clubs which participated, that they are all winners for participating in the 2015 competition.

Thank you.

As always…KSAFA IS #1

Ambassador A.B. Stewart Stephenson