President’s Address at Press Launch for 2014/2015 KSAFA Super and Major Leagues

President’s Address at
Press Launch for

2014/2015 KSAFA Super and Major Leagues

at the Jamaica National Building society

         Head Office, 2-4 Constant Spring Road

On Thursday November 13, 2014 at 11:00 AM

1. Welcome Council Members, Affiliates, Sponsors, Guests and Media Reps
2. Recent History of the Super and Major League Competitions
· No meaningful sponsorship for the past three (3) years
3. Budget for both competitions totaling $5.22M
· Prize monies totaling $750,000.00 (approximately)
· Club Infrastructure Development $750,000.00
· Each of the 30 clubs to receive $25,000.00
· Referees fees approximately $1.5M
· Branded Gear for clubs $1.5M (Gears to be branded on chest and sleeves)
· Administrative Cost $560,000.00
· Balls for Semi-Finals and Finals $60,000.00
4. Sponsorship – assembled a package comprising four (4) sponsors
· Major Sponsor – Jamaica National Building Society
· Associate Sponsor – Digicel, ATL Automotive Limited, Soccer Xpress
· Outline of contribution by each company to the budget
5. Name of Competition
· In light of Jamaica National’s contribution in acquiring gears for the clubs, providing club infrastructure development and prize money
· Competition will be called Jamaica National Super League and Jamaica National Major League
· The front of the shirts will be branded with the JN brand and the Digicel brand on the sleeves
· Speak to future relationship with Digicel
6. Format of the Competition
· 30 clubs will participate in both leagues, 12 in the Super League equivalent to a Division 1
· 18 teams will play in the Major League equivalent to a Division 2
· Super League – clubs will play 2 zones of 6 teams each with the top 2 teams in each zone proceeding to Semi-Finals and Finals.
· Major League – 18 teams will play in 2 zones of 9 each with the top 2 proceeding to Semi-Finals and Finals.
· Kickoff of the competition will be on Saturday November 22, 2014 with a double header at the Barbican playing field.
· Competition will run for seven (7) months ending with the Semi-Finals and Finals being played in May.
· Promotion of the competitions
Ø Featured double headers every other weekend at the Barbican and UWI playing fields.
Ø A radio programme to promote both competitions – KLAS/ESPN Sports Radio every week – (KSAFA on the Ball)
7. Commitment of Council committed to principles of:
1. High quality performance
2. Full transparency
3. Total accountability
4. Innovative development of the game
8. 100 day performance
· Fully functional office
· Conduct of ICWI U13 & U15 Competitions
· Launch of Jackie Bell KO into 3rd round and kickoff of Super and Major Leagues

9. List of 12 sponsors attracted within the first 100 days and total sponsorship of $8.9M(approximately)

10. Thank Jamaica National for their continuous and support of the KSAFA leadership and brand and welcome new Associate Sponsors.
· Thank the Council of KSAFA various committees and the staff for their tremendous work over the past 100 days in elevating the image and performance of KSAFA.
· Wish all the teams a successful season, emphasis on high quality football, importance of impeccable discipline and respect for the decisions of the referees.

Ladies and Gentlemen thank you very much.

As always…KSAFA IS #1

Ambassador A.B. Stewart Stephenson