U-17 Awards Ceremony President’s Address

1. Welcome Council Members, Affiliates, Sponsors, Guests and Media Representatives

2. The Budget for the competition totalling $2.33M is allocated as follows:
Welcome Council Members, Affiliates, Sponsors, Guests and Media Representatives

• Prize monies totalling $170,000.00 (including Zone winners)
• Club Infrastructure Development $280,000.00 - each of the 28 clubs to receive $10,000.00.
• Referees fees approximately $800,000.00
• Administrative Costs $480,000.00
• 20 player jerseys for each of the twenty-eight (28) participating clubs totalling $570,000.00
• Trophies and Awards - $30,000.00

3. Prize Monies – 1st Place $50,000.00, 2nd Place $40,000.00, 3rd Place $30,000.00, 4th Place $20,000.00 four (4) Zone winners of $7,500.00 each.

4. Sponsorship – assembled through three (3) prominent corporate entities

• Major Sponsors – Tastee Limited $1.75M
• Associate Sponsor – Kingston Wharves $250,000.00
• Associate Sponsor – Western Union $50,000.00
• KSAFA Contribution- $280,000.00
• Outline of contribution of each company to the Budget
• Details in Press Kit provided.

5As you are aware this competition kicked off on Thursday April 28, 2015 at the Harbour View Stadium with Harbour View playing Rockfort and ended twelve (12) weeks later on Saturday July 4, 2015 with the playing of the Final between Cavalier SC and Waterhouse FC. Cavalier emerged Champions with a 2-0 victory. During that period we were entertained by the twenty-eight (28) clubs who paraded up to eight hundred (800) players weekly in the competition. The quality of play in the competition was extremely high and most of the teams played attacking, attractive and open football. The Competitions Committee Report will speak to the format, structure and conduct of the competition during this season, including the number of goals scored and the MVPs.

It is however important for me to highlight that this season Council has adjusted the time frame during which our Under 17 Competition is played. Traditionally, this competition is played in the summer months from July to September, alongside our Under 13 competition. However, this season following requests from coaches of the high schools in the corporate area to allow the Under 17 players to join their high schools’ pre-season training camps in early July, this season we played the Tastee/KSAFA Under 17 Competition from the end of April to the first weekend in July, thereby enabling the perennial conflict of loyalty between club and school to be eliminated.

A twofold marketing strategy was developed by the Council to promote the Tastee/KSAFA Under 17 League. Firstly, through a partnership with KLAS/ESPN Sports Radio the station hosted a weekly programme KSAFA on the Ball heard every Tuesday evening at 6:00 PM during which highlights of the competition including fixtures and results were provided to the public and interviews conducted with members of the KSAFA team, including members of our Competitions Committee and Council. The programme proved very popular and provided a major opportunity to promote the KSAFA and Tastee brand.

Secondly, towards the end of the season and in an effort to promote the Final of the competition, the first ever edition of the KSAFA Korner was published in the Jamaica Observer Newspaper on Friday July 3, 2015. The Publication covered a one half page in the newspaper and featured the results of the games played in the Semi-Finals of the Tastee/KSAFA Under 17 Competition, the names of the MVPs for each round, the leading goals scorers and promoted the details of the Final to be played the following day at the Barbican playing field.

Express appreciation to our major sponsor Tastee Limited and Associate sponsors Kingston Wharves Limited and Western Union for their continued support of our KSAFA competitions and the confidence shown in the Association’s leadership.

Wish to thank the members of Council, our various Standing Committees and the staff, including Ms. Cherie Raynor-Office Administrator, Ms. Antoinette Jarrett-Assistant Office Administrator and Mr. Richard ‘Roots’ Nathan-League Director, for their tremendous work since we assumed office in August, 2015 in elevating the image and performance of KSAFA.

Congratulations must also be extended to members of our KSAFA Referees Group, who conducted the games in good order and without undue controversy. Our Judges conducted themselves professionally and were usually on time for all our games. The job of a referee is very challenging, oftentimes decisions have to be made on the spur of the moment and it takes an individual with good sound temperament to ‘stand in the middle or on the lines’ and objectively oversee the conduct of games between two competing teams.

In closing, let me extend heartiest congratulations to our 2015 Tastee/KSAFA Champions Cavalier Soccer Club, the Runners-up Waterhouse FC and the winners of all the team and individual awards available tonight, for a wonderful season and for ensuring that the quality of football played in KSAFA is of a very high standard.
Ladies and Gentlemen thank you very much.

As always…KSAFA IS #1

Ambassador A.B. Stewart Stephenson